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About Your Online Florist

Handcrafted Beauty

Catherine Heferen, founder of Native Floral Designs, was trained by Dutch Master Floral Designer, Debby Birach-Mayer through Flowers To Impress School of Floristry (please see link below). It was Debby’s expertise, practical suggestions and encouragement that inspired Catherine to start an Online Dried Flower Shop and specialise in Sympathy designs.

Living in a rural community in Regional Queensland (outside of Charters Towers), Catherine soon discovered the short-life span of fresh flowers and the difficulties with deliveries. So, specialising in hardy, lasting dried flowers eliminated many of these issues. She also found that the dried flower industry has progressed over the years and now offers a wide range of lasting, colourful, quality flowers and foliage that can last for years.

 Catherine has also studied interior design, colour therapy, feng shui, herbalism and Bush Tucker Plants. She is a trained Reflexologist and has a Certificate in Remedial Therapies. Feedback from her customers made her understand the concept of “the transference of energy”. She believes that the love and care her arrangements are made with, and their unique colour vibrations can have a positive healing effect on others. Someone once commented that her arrangement was “Soothing to the soul…”. Catherine feels that floral designs can remind us of the beauty and enchantment of our natural world, and are silently assisting with reconnection on many different levels.

A lover of nature, beauty and refinement Catherine focuses her effort on the quality, elegance and style of her arrangements. Another customer commented that she is an artist and “paints a picture” with her flowers. Interesting facets draw your eyes into the hidden depths within the arrangement that can reveal bush or sea scenes. 

Catherine is working on expanding her Sympathy range and in the distant future plans to take on the challenge of a dried Wedding range.

She hopes you enjoy receiving her flowers as much as loves making them. Her motto in life: “Do What You Love” and everything else will fall into place…

Commitment to reducing her carbon footprint:

Native Floral Designs (NFD) prides itself on a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by trying to use only eco friendly packaging and sustainable materials. Catherine is passionate about protecting the environment and always tries to support local growers and local businesses. NFD supports dried and preserved arrangements as they help to reduce wastage and are environmentally friendly.

Why Catherine chose the symbol for "The Flower of Life" as her logo:

"The Flower of Life is said to be the most sacred fractal pattern in the Universe, encompassing the essential shapes and connections intrinsic to every aspect of our physicality. It occurs when a repetition of symmetrically balanced overlapping circles are placed within a six-fold symmetry. The pattern is one most frequently found in ancient temples, in nature and even in modern churches."  by Susan L. Magine (Fractal Enlightenment)

So, The Flower of Life sacred geometry is more than a logo - it has a strong vibrational influence on the webpage and associated products.

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