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Native Floral Designs specialises in handmade, dried, native arrangements that can be purchased in Australia (only) through our online shop.  We are committed to providing clients only the finest dried bouquets and arrangements.  Boasting old fashioned values, we go "above and beyond" for our customers and try to make sure they are happy with the service and products we provide.

Native Floral Designs prides itself on a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by using only eco friendly packaging and sustainable materials. We are passionate about protecting the environment and always try to support local growers and local businesses. We support dried and preserved arrangements as they help to reduce wastage and are environmentally friendly.

Native Floral Designs believes that Australia's unique native flora can remind us of the beauty and enchantment of our natural world, silently assisting with reconnection on many levels. Someone once commented that one of our arrangements was "soothing to the soul". We believe that the love and care our arrangements are made with, and their unique colour vibrations can have a positive healing affect on others.

Why we chose the symbol for "The Flower of Life" as our logo:

"The Flower of Life is said to be the most sacred fractal pattern in the Universe, encompassing the essential shapes and connections intrinsic to every aspect of our physicality. It occurs when a repetition of symmetrically balanced overlapping circles are placed within a six-fold symmetry. The pattern is one most frequently found in ancient temples, in nature and even in modern churches."                               by Susan L. Magine (Fractal Enlightenment)

So, The Flower of Life sacred geometry is more than a logo - it has a strong vibrational influence on our webpage and associated products.

Below image credit: https://emfshield.com.au/foundations-sacred-geometry/

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