Amber #2

Amber #2

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An exquisite arrangement of white and yellow/mustard Rice Flower in a glass vase inside a rustic wooden stand, that features a banksia.The colours were chosen specifically for our Sympathy range. The white lagurus give the appearance of feathers, the three tier step of buttons and white nigella give the impression of rising up.... This is a versatile arrangement that can be adapted to suit a range of occasions. You can easily lift it out, so the vase can be changed or reused. 


Depending on seasonal availability may include:

Dried: Banksia; Lagurus; Phylica plumosa & Rice Flower (Ozothamnus diosmifolius).

Preserved: Buttons & Riceflower (white).

Suggested Occasions:

* Anniversary

* Birthday

* Home Decor

* Memorial

* Mother's Day

* New Home

* Sympathy (Condolence Gift or to go alonside an Urn)

* Thank You


As this is a natural, hand-made product, every item is unique and may vary in length, size and colour from the image shown.


Feature: Vase can be reused. Nothing is permanent or glued, so you can add to this bunch or change the vase.


SIZE: Approx 13cm x 16cm x 42cm H


WARNING: Beware of sharp edges on the stems.