Aquamarine #3

Aquamarine #3

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Created for a beach home with a coastal theme, this calming bunch of mixed natives features Corokia cotoneaster that resembles black coral. The preserved blue/green Templetonia is similar to seaweed.  The mixed foliage and flowers with blue tones are highlighted with orange Niten (gum flower). Presented in a white watering can, this arrangement is very versatile and can be used for a number of different occasions (the other items pictured are for display purposes only).


This arrangement is similiar to Aquamarine #2 but is a larger, fuller bunch with a few different features such as the scabiosa pod that resembles coral.


Depending on seasonal availability may include:

Dried: Corokia cotoneaster; Ixodia (daisy); Lagurus; Native Tea Tree; Niten; Gum; Rice Flower; Sativus; Stirlingia & Templetonia.

Preserved: Button; Delphimium; Ming Fern; Misty (Sea Lavender); Nigella; Sea Holly; Scabiosa Pods & Hydranger.

Suggested Occasions:

* Anniversary

* Beach House

* Birthday

* Congratulations

* Get Well Soon (Male or Female)

* Home Decor

* Mother's Day

* New Home

* Special Occasion

* Thank You


As this is a natural, hand-made product, every item is unique and may vary in length, size and colour from the image shown.


SIZE: Approx 40cm x 19cm x  67cm H


WARNING: Beware of sharp edges on the stems.