Organic Wreath #1

Organic Wreath #1

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A natural organic wreath (30 cm) suitable for many different ocassions. On a base of brushed twig, it has preserved eucalyptus gum, niten (gum flowers), native tea tree and a leucadendron feature.

As the wreath is completly organic and will break down naturally, it is suitable for throwing into the ocean on Anzac Day (the custom in some towns).


Depending on seasonal availability may include:

Dried: Niten & Native Tea Tree.

Preserved: Gum (Spinning).


Suggested Occasions:

* Anzac

* Christmas

* Easter

* Sympathy


You can easily adapt and change this wreath to suit many occasions.


As this is a natural, hand-made product, every item is unique and may vary in length, size and colour from the image shown.


SIZE: Approx  30cm diameter

WARNING: Beware of sharp edges. The wreath will fade if kept in direct sunlight.