Rose Quartz #5 SET

Rose Quartz #5 SET

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Created to welcome a new baby girl, this SET combines a vase of beautiful dried pink Heath Aster and white ming fern with a cuddly grey hippo that says "I love you". The lasting flowers will be a fond memento for many years to come.

Depending on seasonal availability may include:



Suggested Occasions:

* Girl Birthday

* Home Decor

* New Arrival

* Mother's Day

* Valentine's Day


As this is a natural, hand-made product, every item is unique and may vary in length, size and colour from the image shown.


SIZE: Total Approx 46cm H  x 27cm x 16cm

Wood Stand: 8cm x 16cm H

Hippo: 20cm x 23cm x 22 cm H


WARNING: Beware of sharp edges on the stems.